If I love you

If I love you, I am just being selfish,
I am preserving pieces of me
I am rediscovering myself in your touch
I am finding a better me, everyday.

If I love you, I get closer to peace.
I am scooping the cream of life, caressing you
Your smooth flesh brushing mine,
Your hands intertwined in mine,
You curl up, like the seed,
I engulf you like a wave.

If I love you, life seems a celebration.
It’s a drink I sip drip by drip.
If I love you, love,
It’s myself that I grip.



Even hell will be calmer and sweeter than this.
The putrid soul of mankind
The distorted thoughts of the mind
The hollar, the noise, the screams of the fiend
Infernal heat must be cooler than this.

The trees are barren, the ground is fallow
The hearts are still, the emotions shallow
The roads now stink, the words sound hollow.

Run away from this miss
This meaningless mayhem, this pool of cess.
Red is the scare, red is blood
Red is the sky, red mingles in mud.
The disected existence, the shattered belief
Carcasses pile up, and…

Am freshly out of grief.

Mood song

It is that time of the year –
The summer heat is hinting
A simmer that is coming.
It is that time of the year –
The sips of ‘sherbet’
Working its effect as a coolant.
It is that time of the year –
Cuddling you reminds
The days of the petty fights.

And I embrace you tighter
The future looks brighter.
Oh! What a sorry rhyme
It is mushy, it is vain.

The dark days of frustration
The dark house, the dark city, and the darkness within
The unimaginable desperation
The longing, the impatience, and the inaudible howling.

And I embrace you tighter
The future looks brighter.
Oh! What a sorry rhyme
It is mushy, it is vain.

Forget it.
Don’t sing it.
Don’t remember it.
Love me.

What’s your story?

All that glitter, all the gold
The darkness of the night, the weary soul.
The road that lies, twisted and rocky
The heart that pounds full of doubt and shaky.
The feet that trudges, the dream that nudges
A symphony, where molodies merges.

Take a pause…
Hold your breath.
Don’t exhale yet,
That spiral of smoke.
Feel the choke,
The longing for life,
Devour the air,
Bring burn to the stare,
Pour some more, whiskey and honey
The right cocktail, the adventurous journey,
This is the beginning, this is the end,
This is all that matters,
This is when you hit ‘Send’.

What is your story?
A play? A novel?
Blinking of eyelashes behind the veil?


It has been many moons since she has smiled
It has been many springs since she has loved
It has been many years since she has run
It has been many sunsets since she has looked up and
Let the soothing rays of a setting sun kiss her
It has been ages since she has thrown a pebble into the water and
Seen the waters create ripples,
Distorting her features, creating a mirage so different.
It has been quite some time since she has slept
It has been many nights since she has dreamt that happy dream
Where white cherry blossoms filled all the trees
Where she looked up and imagined the sea
Where rose petals soft like eyelashes touched her face
And where life seemed like an everlasting poem.
It has been quite a while since she has mourned and
Felt the warmth of salty tears running down her cheeks
It has been quite a while since the time has moved.

Hyderabad Bengali Film Fest –  Two movie Reviews

This post comes quite a bit late. Every year, Hyderabad witnesses Bengali Film Fest thanks to the very active Bengalis in Hyderabad community. They curate a good number of award winning and popular movies that satiate our eyes that do not have the pleasure of  watching Bengali films gbat often in this city. This year, my wife and I viewed Tope and Bibaho Diaries as part of this film festival. Here are my reviews of those movies.


There are many baits. Many trappings. Aren’t our desires a kind of trap? Are not they the idiomatic “carrot at the end of the stick”? There is this woman who dreams to meet her dream man, who could be a demigod rising from the depth of the village pond.  She desires to be that careless lass who once swam the pond with unbridled vivacity. Then, there are these trapiz artist family which survives on their daughters skills and hopes they will find someone to fill her shoes when she is married; afterall, they need financial security when old. Their daughter dreams of a better future where she would have a husband and kids,  and where she will not have to risk her life and tolerate obscene gestures to perform on a rope. The documemtary film maker wants to shoot the adventurous narrative of a tiger hunt. And finally, the king wants to grab on to the bait of older era by hunting the tiger. And beyond all these, there is Goja, who shuns all trappings and mocks every so called necessities and mingles easily with nature. Like all Buddhadeb Dasgupta movie, this one too has oodles of imageries created through images and sounds. Though the movie does not catch a chord all the time with me, and though I have ended the movie a few secs earlier than where it originally ends, I liked the interwoven human lives as they run after their own baits. I liked the perspective how one person’s desires work against him or her when someone else baits him/ her using those. Paoli was excellent in her acting so was the actor in the role of the king.

Bibaho Diaries 

Marital strifes, love, usual saas-bahu saga,  and friendship interwoven with sharp,  witty, and well punned dialogues – that’s what Bibaho Diaries showcases.

Many moments are cliched. But look around, aren’t we living in a society of cliches? What makes Mainak’s Bibaho Diaries so entertaining and exhilarating is his ability to find comic elements in all those mundane moments – be it a mom-in-law’s complain about her daughter-in-law’s inability to cook well or a father-in-law’s irritation about his son-in-laws inability to land a job. The clash between materialistic high salaried class and the idealistic, creative, and politically inclined group theatre members, in fact our protagonist is a member of the latter group.

The movie also shows how GenY handles marriage, family, and other complications. What happens to friendship and other relationships post marriage? The movie focuses on all that,  subtly. 

Ritwick as the male lead is awesome. He gets the chunk of the script and molds it with his own creative brilliance and presents to us a smart,  creative,  emotional, and charming character. Sohini is good overall and exceptional in the court argument scene (watch it). The not-so-surprising package is Vishwanath, who has long since proven his comic acting prowess. They are well supported by Dulal Lahiri, Mithu Chkraborty, Alakananda Roy,  and Vishwajit Chakraborty. 

The exciting world of animation!

Animation has always been a part of my childhood. I cannot recall when was the first time I started to watch series made in this medium, but it was love at first sight. The imageries, the drawings, the fascinating characters, and the amazing variety of plots have made animation my dearest. Be it He-man or Howl, Totoro or Kiki, each and every character has come with their own traits, their own flaws. I have always found this media a place where imagination can run really wild. “Paprika” is the greatest example of this. If one has to watch one animation movie in their lifetime, then this is the one!