Looking for Support in Love!


It is tough to live in a completely unknown place far away from your home. It is made tougher by insensitive, corrupt, and mean people who make your life mesearable at every step. Our land lady has ditched us and cheated us big time! She did not support us during our most problematic time, and on top of that she has not paid us back the full amount of our deposit money. After Delhi Hyderabad has taught us we are outsiders in a different state. Once again we are reminded that the world only cares for people either with big bucks or with big connections.

Amidst all this gloom, despair, and negativity there is only one thing that is helping tick, and that is LOVE! Our love for each other. Our commitment for each other. I only wish I should have been more trusting and more understanding. I love you Koli! I love you soooo much. I know you love me too. That is why our fights break our heart and our sanity even more. After all it is the love and care that is keeping us sane in this Kingdom of insane.


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