Attitude Change?

I have fever since last night. This illness is going to pinch my pocket. I will lose a day’s pay, this is in addition to the five day pay loss due to my visit to Kolkata. All these will mean only one thing a tough November. I will have to be more budget conscious. I will have to plan almost every expenditure as best as I can. Sometimes I wonder why I have to struggle so much. And there is only one answer that comes to my mind right now and that is this is the price of growing up. This is the price that one has to pay to prove that they are eligible enough, matured enough to become the head of their own family.

Life keeps on throwing hardships and challenges to give me opportunity to prove my mettle. I knew beforehand that life in a different state will never be easy. I am trying to tackle every situation as best as I can. There are days when I am doing exceptionally good and there are days when it seems that the situation will get out of my control.

Being the only child of my parents I have seldom encountered the word ‘no’. And that is the reason the recurrence of this word in the real life makes me mad. I know getting mad alone would not do any good.  I have to find out solutions to the problems, at least I need to try.


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