It’s your story

When you are down, the only thing that is often left with you is your ability to take shit. You take all kinds of shit day in and day out. It often seems that your life has become a big collection of excreta. This is the right time when you stand still and look back to take a stock of the people around you- friends, family members, etc, etc. Chances are you will find no one behind you, except your own shadow. It is your shadow like your own self will remain with you forever, sharing your shitty days and nightmares.

You will often twist and turn in your bed looking for a way out from the mess, but most of the time you will get up as clueless as ever and ponder over the meaning of all this. Your experience will also tell you not to be emotionally dependent on anyone. Such dependence brings misery and heartbreak. A rage will swell inside, and you will want to destroy everything. But at the end of the day, you will be utterly spent-mind, body, and soul.

So, what is this life’s worth? It completely depends on your experiences and how you handle them. You can sit down and curse them all, or you can pick yourself up and fight back. You can take yourself to such a height of performance where no one would look down upon you and where you do not have p care for anyone’s opinions. Our success will give you immunity. It will give you the ability to tell the world “Get lost”! Till you reach there you keep moving; you keep taking strategic steps forward; you live and die for your own victory; you breathe for yourself, because it’s your story. You are the central character, and you must win. You must make the ending happy-happy for yourself.


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