Who is Afraid of Depression?

I don’t know why people look at depression as if it’s a plague. It’s definitely something that one should try to get out of, as soon as possible. But let’s face it; everyone sooner or later goes through a span of depression. Therefore, there is no point in struggling against it; one cannot run away from emotional weaknesses, and depression is one of them. Now, it’s something that can be checked. Yes, visiting a psychiatrist is one way of handling it, and another is to make an attempt to find ways to address the issues that has caused this emotional crisis.

This exercise of location the cause of depression is very important. If you let it linger, then the emotional turmoil will soon affect your physical well-being, and that’s something we shouldn’t let happen. But we also need to accept the fact that in the present society, where success is measured in the form of materialistic comfort or earthly possessions, depression is a part of our life. No matter how much try to run away from it, it will catch up with us. The best way to deal with it will be to face it head on.

Once we have understood the reason of depression and have taken steps to counter it, life will become much easier to live. Though it may sound a bit philosophical but, everyone will not get everything in this world. Dissatisfaction and heart breaks will remain, but still we will have to move ahead, because that’s what human life is all about. I know from personal experiences that this is easier said than done, but acceptance of this fact will make life easier. The only thing one needs to do is try his or her level best in achieving their dream. This all-out effort will also act as a deterrent to depression.


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