Time and healing

I am not a believer in time-is-a-healer concept. I believe, with every passing time you realise that certain things have chnaged; you realise of the minuscule control you have over the chnaged circumstances as you can’t revert things to their earlier state; you learn slowly to accept this; this acceptance makes the pain and suffering bearable, a bit less excruciating and mind numbing. But it remains. It remains like an old wound that does not bleed any more but leaves a scar. An when you are alone, bare, and in the dark – the scar is visible. It does not pain anymore. But it is there, now a part of your body. Even the trauma of the hurt has also lost its sting, but instead it has become a part of your memory. Nevertheless, it remains. They remain. Now, they are a part of your story.

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