Change is life

Change is an important part of life. Or, it could be said that change is life. The whole universe is changing every moment. To human eye, due to galactic distance, a star remains alive even after years of its demise. Similarly, the cycle of transformation, change, and mobility is happening always around us. We are simply unaware of those changes.

But in human life, it is sometimes difficult to accept change with ease. We often face a tussel among the need of change, the desire of change, and the challenge of accepting the change as it pushes us out of our comfort zones. After establishing our 21st century urban civilization, we are not ready to let go of all its comforts. That is why no matter how much we shout for saving the environment, we are quite reluctant to consider the ecology or stop our urban developments to accommodate ecological balance. On another note, change of designation or change in reporting manager also create an unease or wariness in some professionals. They remain unsure about the outcome of the change.

This brings us to our next problem-expectation. We humans expect things to yield certain results. It is this expectation that often makes us disappointed when things turn out different or opposite to the expected outcome. You expect a fast-moving queue, but it moves glacier slow;  you expect a duty-bound public servant but face with a corrupt one. Expectation and reality often are different. So, for such a species accepting change if it does not match the expected betterment, the promised land, becomes very difficult, if not impossible. 

And yet, change happens. Change is nature. Change is universal. No matter how uneasy we feel about it, we have to accept it and adapt to it at the end of the day.


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